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Summer is around the corner! Avoid Exercise Induced Injuries!

Summer is around the corner, and if you live in San Diego, it’s already here!
With that being said, most of us will be soaking up those rays of sunshine and participating in our favorite summer activities. I know I will be playing volleyball at the beach. 🙂

With our increased activity during the summer months, it is important to prevent and avoid exercise induced injury.

It is difficult for our bodies to go from a state of “inactivity” to “Weekend Warrior” mode in an instant. Professional athletes prepare their bodies for months during the off-season to prepare for the increased activity during the professional season. Accordingly, we should do the same and not bypass this preparation phase.
Daily activity is key, but with our hectic lives that’s not always possible.

So what can we do to prepare?

1. Warm Up: It is important for us to be realistic with our bodies. For starters, after days of inactivity, a 10-15 minute warm up will do wonders. Go for a light jog, engage in active stretching and/or progressive exercises such as an air squat to help minimize injuries.
2. Resistance Training & Exercise: If you can find time to get away from your job and/or other obligations for 20-40 minutes during the day, do something active (e.g. play tennis, swim, go for a hike). Also, introducing some resistance training will help increase your strength and reduce your risk of injury.
3. Cool Down: After you have built up a sweat and the buzzer has rung, don’t just come to a sudden stop.  Give your muscles a chance to recover by cooling down. A easy walk and some static stretching can go a long way to reduce injuries.

Want More Help?
Dr. Boaz is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and the founder of Aspire Health & Wellness. Dr. Boaz has developed a unique treatment model that combines traditional manual Physical Therapy, Active Release Techniques ®, Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, Myofascial Decompression/Cup Therapy techniques and Rock Taping to treat injuries and pain in order to restore function and strength as well as prevent injuries and improve performance.

Evaluations allow Dr. Boaz to assess the impairments restricting activity or athletic performance and to help develop strategies for pain resolution and gains in performance.

So this summer whether you are a teenager or a baby boomer get out there have fun and avoid those injuries.

Treatments with Dr. Boaz are available out of the Office of Integrative Health Solutions.  Call the office today to schedule your appointment. 858-254-5433

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