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Does My Protein Power Have Soy?

Recently, I began increasing my workout regimen in hopes of losing some weight, increasing muscle mass and increasing my overall health and wellness. As such, I started to supplement a meal with a protein powder shake and would also add the protein shake after my workouts to ensure I was consuming enough calories and to help my muscles recover post workout. Unfortunately, my hopes of increasing my overall well-being were met with an unpleasant and widespread rash throughout my body. After much research, I discovered some interesting facts about protein powders that contain soy and the effects soy may have:

• Soy contains high levels of phytic acid. Phytic acid binds to minerals in our digestive tract blocking their
absorption, which reduces assimilation of calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc.
• Soy also contains phytoestrogens, which disrupt endocrine function and have the potential to cause infertility
and to promote breast cancer.
• Soy contains goitorogens that make it difficult for the thyroid gland to create its hormones.

Given my by body’s reaction and the above information, I decided to substitute my protein powder with a soy free option. There are many selections out there, but currently, I am using Sunwarrior protein powder. So far, my body is reacting really well!

Sunwarrior protein powder is a natural protein source derived from sprouted whole grain brown rice, which allows better absorption of vitamins, proteins and enzymes during digestion. Moreover, the most lauded benefit of sprouted brown rice is GABA, a neurotransmitter, which studies have shown lowers anxiety, lowers blood pressure and improves cardiovascular function. The body utilizes rice protein powder more efficiently than soy and it is much easier to digest.

Additionally, Sunwarrior protein powder also contains all 9 essential amino acids and also caries many of the non-essential amino acids. More importantly in my case, it is hypoallergenic, meaning it causes fewer allergic reactions than other protein powders that contain soy, whey, milk, yeast and wheat.

Also, try my smoothie recipe below. This is what I drink every morning. It’s delicious!
1. 1 scoop vanilla Sunwarrior protein powder
2. ½ to 1 cup Greek yogurt
3. 1 cup frozen berries
4. 1 tablespoon almond butter
5. 1 teaspoon coconut oil
6. ½ to 1 cup water, raw whole milk or coconut milk

Resources: http://www.westonaprice.org/soy-alert/soy-alert-brochure

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